Join us as we pray.

Our Country, Flood Victims, Covid-19 Victims, Those affected by business closings, our local restaurant owners and staff, Levi Walker, 

Mark & Emily Smith & their two kids, Robin and David Horton,

Charles “Squeeky” Elliott, Bill Boykin, Steve Terracina, Janie Nichols Burke, Paul Abraham, Emily Smith, Bob Peugh, Rick Sims, Linda Ferris Fratesi, Pauline Wall, Matthew, Tory,& Aidan Graham, Paul Watson, Ron Etheridge, Jerry Butler, Charlie Richard, Chandler Ross,

George & Margie Smith, Brenda Persons, James Hyer Gnemi, 

Hinda “Bunny’ Stears, Diane Harden, Laurel Travis, Collier Knutson, 

Maggie Davis, Tom Argo, James Boykin, Marla Bell, Dianne Burchfield, 

Floyd Thompson, Lila & Reagan Miller, Laurel Pocock, Matthew McCaskill, Elizabeth Leighan Vardaman, Nora Lee, Chris Capel, Ellen Miller,

Gundrun Kilnetz, Roy & Dot Meeks, Kirk Manning, Blann Phillips Lutken, Mitch Fontain, Shawn Roland, Stella Corley, Billy Trout, Lanny Nellis,

Carolyn Boyd, Coach Joe Kennedy, Peggy Black, Milton Curtis,

Mark Cummings & Family, Sam Lamb, Mackenzie Holiday, Lewis Kilpatrick, Salt & Light Ministry and Inmates, Hunter Azlin,

Woods Garrett, Rex & Nell Livingston, Beth O’Reilly, 

U. S. Military, and Children of Leland

You can click the link above to ask that a name be added to the prayer list.

Names will remain on the prayer list through the last Sunday of the month. 

Those who continue to need our prayers

should be resubmitted at the beginning of the next month.